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Investor Relations

Recently, Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) released the "BNEF Energy Storage Tier 1 List 2Q 2024", and JinkoSolar has made it to the list due to its outstanding strength in the energy storage field.

JinkoSolar, the global leading PV and ESS supplier, has become a Tier 1 energy storage provider recognized by BNEF, thanks to its leading energy storage products in the industry. JinkoSolar’s energy storage product line covers various application scenarios, including utility projects, commercial and industrial applications, and residential energy storage systems. The newly released 5MWh large-scale energy storage system SunTera G2 adopts an upgraded high-capacity LFP battery, the energy density has been effectively increased by 46%, with a cycle life of over 10,000 times, significantly extending the product's service life. The noise is controlled within 75db, which greatly reduces the impact of the energy storage system on the surrounding environment during use. Furthermore, JinkoSolar has enhanced system efficiency and ensured product safety and reliability through innovative designs such as liquid cooling technology and multi-level fire protection.

JinkoSolar has always been committed to providing safe and reliable energy storage solutions. The system undergoes rigorous selection, optimal design, and precision manufacturing, demonstrating outstanding cycle life and reliability. Through over 270 internal tests simulating various hazardous situations and long-term working conditions, the durability and performance of the products are ensured. Multi-level safety protection designs, from material optimization to product design, manufacturing, and after-sales service, guarantee system integrity and effectively reduce safety risks.

Moreover, JinkoSolar has been highly recognized by customers for its timely delivery and deployment capabilities. Leveraging its global solar distribution channels, JinkoSolar will rapidly achieve global coverage of energy storage products, ensuring timely delivery and deployment of products.


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